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Director - Dana Marie Newell


As a Director, Dana has an absolute passion for working with actors and has a unique perspective on how best to bring out performances for camera. As a trained actor herself she understands the importance of an authentic and compelling performance.

In regards to Branded content, Dana loves working directly with clients or with an Agency to understand a product or company to tell their story best.

Not Another Love Story | Fashion Film
Dana Marie Newell | Director’s Reel
The Other | Scene
The Design Coach | Testimonial Video
Dating Woes | Scene
Jake’s Birthday | Brand Video
Dana & Lliam’s Wedding | Doco
Hot Day | Brand Video
Adidas | Spec Commercial
Peter Alexander | Spec Commercial
Violence Against Women | Spec Commercial
LCI Melbourne – Art & Design School | Promo Video
Leaps & Bounds | Spec TVC
Bose | Spec TVC
Recruitment Video | Branded content
JC the Bouncer | Short Film

A short comedic allegory where JC is a Bouncer to the only club that matters.

The Falling | Short Film

Blinded by her heart of darkness, a woman races to escape a death sentence, running from the very thing that will set her free.

Crash Test Divorce | Short Film
Australia, the place | Music Video

We teamed up with David Martel Corp. to create a video clip for his rendition of the Australian National Anthem to promote his Canadian tour in May.

Uncle May | Fashion Video

A fashion video like no other. This narrative driven story promotes more than just a label in its three part series across Instagram.

The Three Swords | Short Film

Logline: To save his farm from drought, a desperate father makes a deal that will leave his family broken.

Falls Creek | Infographic
His Story Our Story | Documentary

2014 was City on a Hill’s 7th Birthday, and to celebrate, they produced a 10min documentary looking back over the years and depicting where the church would like to be in the future.

Promises | Promo Video

I was asked to create a promo video for the City on a Hill sermon series on “Promises”.

Something Bigger | Promo Video

Produced for the “Something Bigger” event in Melbourne 2014

Strathcona Girls Grammar | Promo Video
Young Dumb & Driving us Crazy | Opening Titles
Finding the Right Track | Documentary

LOG LINE: 100 years on, are we any closer to “closing the gap”?

Nightingale ONE

Composer Nate Kohrs is a long time collaborator with me, so when he and his wife decided to move back to the States I wanted to share one last project in person together until you know… the next time we’re in the same country. It was a whirlwind idea and we only had a fewContinue reading →

Vlog 4 – Moving Forward in a Changing Industry
VLOG 1 – Your Purpose
VLOG 2 – Distribution Plan for Video Content
Vlog 3 – Just Do It | The Importance of a Postive Mindset
Revelations – City on a Hill Sermon Series Trailer
VLOG Golden Bowl of Prayers | Concept Photo
BLOG | How a preacher changed the ending of my story.

Film Director, Dana Newell, let’s you in on a secret that some advertisers, the media and SOME executive producers know. Certainly not the ones that think they can ride on the coat tails of Hollywood block busters with lame sequels.
Knowing this secret and understanding how to use it will help you increase your followers, your engagement, your brand awareness and even sales.


Hi, Dana here, today I am going to talk about how to spot the Christian themes in regular movies. So, if you don’t want to get brainwashed … you need to listen to this! As I said in my previous vlog, when we sit down to watch a film, we are not just sitting downContinue reading →


Oh my goodness did you hear what happened to that woman and her baby last week when she was walking home late at night? Do I have your attention? THIS is why storytelling is a great way to firstly, grab an audience’s attention, teach them a thing or two, and have  them remember the lessonsContinue reading →

VLOG S03 EP 01 | How to be a GO GETTER

I don’t know about you but being productive is one of my favorite things to do, but it’s not always easy. If I’ve had a productive day when lots of things are crossed off my list, I sleep like a baby. I love finishing tasks and seeing the fruit of my labour.  But, it’s easyContinue reading →

Why Video | EP 02 – Teach using video

If you manage people, did you know that using video as a teaching medium will save you precious working hours? Not to mention create a streamlined process for your employees to follow.  I have produced and directed a lot of teaching and training videos and explainer animations. That doesn’t mean I am an expert inContinue reading →

Why Video | EP 03 – Do I need to Hire Actors for my Video?

If you are interested in making a video for your company or brand, sometimes it can be tempting to use your own friends, family, work colleagues instead of engaging professional actors and models, especially if you know good looking people with a great smile.  But can they deliver a performance, sell a product or communicateContinue reading →

Why Video | EP 07 – ‘Inclusive’, Not just a word

Inclusivity and diversity are such buzz words. I feel it has also become just a box to tick, rather than being genuine.  I’m going to put a challenge to you and say that you can’t tick that box if you’re not authentic about your intention.. Ha! There’s another buzz word for you. Authentic.  What weContinue reading →

Why Video | Ep 04 – Go a Little Deeper with your message

Believe it or not, but marketing and sales is not a numbers game. It is not about throwing your bowl of spaghetti at the wall and seeing how much will stick. Sure some will stick, some will always stick.. But how many bowls of pasta do you want to make while only 5% sticks?  YourContinue reading →

Why Video | EP 05 – How Does Video Make You Money?

You don’t need a lot of time on Google to be won over about the stats on conversion rates for video. So I don’t need to get into that. The fact is you need regular video content if you want to engage with your clients or customers and be at the front of their mindContinue reading →

Why Video | 06 – What should my Call To Action Be at the end of my Video?

A Call to Action is NOT an afterthought. It’s not something you ‘think about later once the video is made’. Your entire narrative needs to be the set up for the CTA.  A CTA is the closing card at the end of your video, your closing statement that you leave your audience with, the punchContinue reading →