Vlog 4 – Moving Forward in a Changing Industry

Dana here, Director / Producer talking to you about the future of an industry and how to move forward.

Hands up if your company, your product your business or you are becoming obsolete with this fast change landscape?

Keep your hands up if you are still following in yesterdays has beens, you are perhaps anxious, stressed or maybe even depressed.

I know what its like. Video Production is not what it used to be.

But let me say ‘culture is never going back’.

Erwin McManus in his book “The way of the warrior” has reminded me to stop trying to control things I don’t have the control over. But that I do have the power to control my mind.

Erwin says, “If your mind is lost in the past you will lose your future” …. scary.

I know this to be true. Your thoughts impact your life in a very physical way and nothing you can do will contribute to changing your life more than transforming your thinking. Now this isn’t new news I’m sure, I didn’t come up with that.

So lets assume responsibility and ownership over our thoughts and thus our lives.

I’m going to relate this specifically to the content creation industry, because they are my people, but you can adjust it accordingly.

Phil Cooke says “your ability to change your life is directly connected to your ability to make choices and to take responsibility for your choices.” 

Get that? First comes the thinking then comes the doing.

Have you ever heard the saying “be the change you want to see in the world”. This is what we are aiming for.

Think about when you are stuck in business, or life and meditate on what change you see around you and what holes you see.

As content creators we need to unfortunately be able to see what will be popular in the future. When making content, it can take ages, so unless you can produce something yesterday, you need to be able to predict creative change.

Okay, so people need new ways to be engaged, so content companies need to stay on top of emerging technologies and trends and innovation in order to keep connected with clients and audiences.

Social media, and technology has changed the way we work, play and relax. It is the way people choose to engage or disengage with business and organisations and even individuals.

I know this can sound daunting. But I believe you do have everything you need to your power and your connections to crack this as you are.

Think of it this way…. If Richard Bradson swapped lives with you right now, and he got your looks and talents, what do you think he would do with your opportunities? What do you think your life would look like when he gave It back? Helpful thoughts from Seth Godin. He’s one smart cookie.

Makes you think.

On a side note, I’ve read Richard Branson’s autobiographies – you can learn a lot from that man!

The good news is there is something that I don’t think will ever change.


Brands should improve our lives, respond to our need and contribute to humanity.  People will always crave meaningful stories about real humans. As content creators, we need to find the heart of the story and tell it well. There’s now more platforms to stand on, but that doesn’t mean our message changes.

In regards to your own personal connections, did you know your most valuable asset is the number of people who know you, like you and trust you?
Your individual take on your industry and the world, defines you.

In Business, relationships are still important. Be a problem solver, a change maker and have a reputation of someone with integrity and honour.

Create a network of like-minded people who speak the language of opportunity and don’t let themselves be controlled by fear, people who are forward thinkers, building each other up, supporting each other and sharing skill sets.

So summing up –

Times are a changing and instead of harping on about the good old days build up your community of doers and skilled people and find your unique take on this changing world.

You have everything you already need at your fingertips… so no excuses. Open your eyes.

This is will be my last vlog post for awhile so if you have any topics you would like me touch on feel free to PM me or send me an email. Also, as always, I will happily share my reading list with you.

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