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Dana Marie Newell - Dana Marie Newell

Dana Marie Newell

I am a director and producer who creates content that inspires change. 

I have a particular focus on translating difficult conversations for the screen. It doesn’t matter if the screen fits in your palm, is strapped to your head or is as big as a house. 

I work with subject matter experts, in all sorts of industries, and translate challenging topics into video content that engages an audience by making it entertaining.  

There are many different types of video genres to choose from. I will work with you to help you decided if a narrative piece, documentary or animation would be the right direction to go. 

As a filmmaker / content maker, I investigate and pull together a narrative from interviews and researched discussions. With a background in acting, I delve deep with my actors or interviewees to draw out authentic performances or responses. I then create narratives or documentary style content that is engaging, informative and entertaining.

I currently work at a production company, in Melbourne Australia, where I Direct and Produce Live Action, VR and Animation projects for brands, businesses and government agencies.

I am also an independent filmmaker with a slate of video projects. I am currently developing a series of content focused on sharing knowledge around sex and female sexuality for young Christian women.

I have worked in post production and production since 2005. I have overseen the development of some of Australia’s most notable TV brands, opening title sequences, branded content and commercials.

My experience extends across multi-platform content creation and branding with Narrative Drama, Reality TV, Virtual Reality, Explainer Videos, Educational content, Documentaries and Commercials. The synergy between all of these deliverables lies with the authentic nature in which I uncover and deliver the message to the brand’s audience.

I oversees a team of Writer, Designers, VFX Artists and Production crew, coordinating everything from a film set to post production; motion design, VFX, editing and colour grading. 

I specialises in performance as well as post production. As a director, I am driven to pull out emotional responses in viewers that change an audience for the better.

With my diverse background in content creation, I am dedicated to have an open discussion about your topic and work with you to craft a memorial story that your audience will remember and get behind.


M: +61 422 308 974 (Melbourne, Australia)
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Insta: Danamarien
Linkedin: Dana Marie Newell