Nightingale ONE

Composer Nate Kohrs is a long time collaborator with me, so when he and his wife decided to move back to the States I wanted to share one last project in person together until you know… the next time we’re in the same country.

It was a whirlwind idea and we only had a few days to shoot before they were to pack up their house and sell everything. So in just a few days, we had a team, concept, story and wardrobe!

We were limited to what equipment we already shared, the locations we already knew about and what we could find that would work as ‘scifi’ at Savers.


Closed eyes and listening to Nightingale One I couldn’t help but see a journey across the universe. The story is whatever you see it to be, but to me it was always about our two selves fighting to take ownerships of certain situations. This young traveler is trying to ‘kill’ his bad self once and for all by searching the universe for stones to bury him under. The ‘bad’ self is somewhat onto his plan and tries to jeopardise it every chance he gets.

The talent in his music video is Nate Kohrs himself. It’s his acting debut too!

Director / Producer – Dana Newell
DOP – Lliam Murphy
Makeup – Danielle Castelino
Post – Dana Newell
Title – Ria Fernandez


It was a long day with a crew of 5. We walked Brunswick, Melbourne laneways for the first half of the day trying to hide from the strong sun which was killing our lighting. Then for the second half of the day we drove an hour out of town to be blown away by the biggest storm we saw for the year.

The storm did mean we didn’t quite get the ending that we had wanted to shoot, but we made it work as we were running out of days.

It was pretty cool huddled in my car being slammed with rain and feeling like the car is going to get blown over with us inside, whilst watching lightening.

On the way back to town we may of had to move a few trees that had since fell over! All worth it for the sake of a good time with a camera and an abstract story!