VLOG 2 – Distribution Plan for Video Content

Today I want to talk to you about distribution for your message, whatever it may be.

I will relate this very important phase to be like the quote “If a tree falls in the forest and on one is around to hear, did it ever fall at all?”

You could have the best idea in the world and even the best video, but without an audience or potential clients hearing it, it doesn’t even matter.

To gain customers or clients and to have influence – you need to have visibility.

Do you think Dr Phil is the greatest doctor in the world? No! But you may take his advice over someone you’ve never heard of before, because he has gained trust over being visible. 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations. But its also always helpful to back that up with credibility.

For the sake of his video I’m going to assume your idea is remarkable, you know who your audience is and you know the why, we covered that in a previews vlog. So lets talk about a brilliant execution to your niche audience.

George Washington Carve said. “When you can do the common things in an uncommon way, you’ll command the attention of the world”.

Please do not contribute to the rubbish we are bombarded with.

I know your message, your product, your service, will relieve someone’s pain out there. If it doesn’t, if your message is about how great you are, I don’t want to hear it. But if you are about to change someone’s life, you are robbing them of their future happiness if you don’t get your message heard.

Think of it this way, do you want to date the guy or girl that sends you 50 messages in a row all about how great their day was and didn’t ask anything about you? I didn’t think so, same goes with business.

You need to understand your audience and the platforms associated with them. Don’t look for the biggest crowd, look for the right crowd.

However don’t limit yourself with distribution platforms. How do movies advertise? Billboards, trailers, tours, interviews, events. But they still mange to keep their target audience Lazer focused. Relying on ONE of anything is leaving yourself exposed.

But don’t be silly and try and advertise lawn blows to 55 year old men using instagram.

You know what I found funny though, Allan Dib still swears by the “Shock and Awe” package, I personally think is he a brilliant man but really, you want me to post something  ….. like in the mail?

And don’t go and googling “shock and awe” packages ideas… it’s lazy … and I’ve already done it and there’s nothing there that I found “awe-worthy’ – so I’ll save you the trouble.

But if I had a great idea, I wouldn’t broadcast it for free either. So maybe we should have a whiskey and brainstorm together.

Let’s quickly talk about crafting your message. I want to be seeing your message everywhere, if you target women in their 30’s who like waterfall chasing.

What’s your call to action? How do you want to help make my life easier when I’m hiking?

Side note – I love Nike adverting – its clean – a tick and slogan “just do it”. But just do what?

If I didn’t have the years of history with Nike, I would have no idea what they are selling. So don’t be a fool and make your add about ‘Brand Awareness’, unless you have Nike’s budget and years. Wise words from Godin.

People need to be quickly engaged, they need need to think “you’re for me”, “you’re helping me out”, “I can’t go on without you.”

Let’s talk briefly about measuring and tracking your leads and ROI. I hear that’s important too. So please invest time in this step. It will help you understand where to invest the most dollars, and get the most business. Why spend $5 across 10 platforms when only 2 are generating leads. Move that investment across and Lazer focus the market. If you never did your investigations, think of all that money wasted. Makes me sad.

Final thought, remember you are talking to humans, we all want connections so build your community, your people, your fan base and stay in touch with them. Continue to share and help them along the way.

DeVon Franklin says “Do you work well and do it with character, integrity and excellence and the publicity will come.” I think this is the most important advice out of everything I’ve said today.

Summing up –

Make sure your message is heard and seen by being extraordinary at helping humans out.

Test and track your methods of distribution.

Develop your community and do it with integrity.

I will happily share my reading list with you from my online mentors. If you want to know more about what I’ve touched on, please PM me or send me an email. 

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