The Falling | Short Film

Blinded by her heart of darkness, a woman races to escape a death sentence, running from the very thing that will set her free.


Inspired by the captivating poem “The Falling”, a woman traverses the barren wasteland, an unfair world, seeking sanctitude. Her bitterness pumps like a disease through her veins until her heart grows black. Reaping her vengeance, the woman now races time to save herself, but she is not alone, for the hunter is in pursuit.

Behind the Story – – –

GMR Pictures teamed up with Bulls+Arrows to make a film for yesHEis (an initiative of Christian Vision Australia).

We were given a theme of “Forgiveness” and a target audience of young non christians.

We chose a ‘Hunger Games’ inspired world that is packed with suspense with a strong male and female role.

As our target audience is non Christians, we wanted to tell the story of how we are undeserving of Jesus’ forgiveness yet he will fight for us, never giving up, and take on our ‘blackness’ even though it pains him, and he will WIN our battle on our behalf.

Our ‘Jesus’ character (the Hunter) is relatable and in a world our audience already knows well. This brings the Gospel message into a world they can understand.

This high concept suspense drama was made for $7,000 but with a production value of $120,000.00 AUD.

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Film will live here when it goes live in 2016

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