Peter Alexander | Spec Commercial

I love Peter Alexander pyjamas, they are soft, sexy and oh so very comfy to catch some zzzzz’s in.

I wanted this spec TVC to be a little different and play dreams and nightmares against each other. The bottom line, even nightmares can be fun in Peter Alexander PJ’s.

We used Peter Alexander’s line of Winnie The Pooh, which came complete with an Eeyore oneis (which was so soft I couldn’t stop touching it). We played with light pink girly winter PJ’s and flannel boys pants for the dream sequence, consisting of a bright background soft colours and bubbles. In contracts moving into a ‘darker’ and more abstract playground where the Eeyore oneis comes out to play with a pillow and is met with an equally as armed Pooh Bear. The movement is still playful and fun, careful not to venture into too dark a land as Peter Alexander is a very child-like playful brand.

To help tell the story, large font is broken on the screen to help act as a transition between the two worlds, but still linking it back to the pyjamas.

See the 15 second version here.


Director | Producer: Dana Newell
Cinematographer: Alper Kasap
Editor: Raechel Harding 
Original Music: Nate Kohrs
Photography: Lliam Murphy 

Annie Chapman
Adam Rowland