I own Australias Best Home | Graphics Package

Post Production Graphics | Opening Title – Producer – Dana Newell
Director | Patrick Talyor
Post Production Graphics | Opening Title – Post Production Company – Visual Playground

For Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel, Visual Playground collaborated with FremantleMedia Australia to direct the Opening Titles and create the graphics package for I own Australia’s Best Home.

The graphics package involved the brand design plus the mammoth task of building and animating architectural visualisations of 27 homes. VP referenced archive plans, photos from owners iphones, hand drawn scribble on scrap pieces of paper being photocopied and emailed over, and other limited resources. This stylised look, encompasses the entire look and feel of the package using pastel colours while remaining true to the architecture.

Without personally seeing the full scope of each house, VP carefully pieced the homes together to mirror what they are today.
Each home showcases the unique textures and designs using animated pull aparts to uncover every secret.
If that wasn’t enough of a challenge, we had a 40 day turn around for the entire package.

The Opening Titles required each shot to be pre-visualised and timed before the day of shooting. It was shot on a tracked dolly and then in post, was stabilised and tracked to composite the preceding shot in to create seamless transitions.